Hail Caesars!

6a50ef69-0fd7-44e9-ba0a-06dfef7e077aOn Friday, May 29, the sixth annual Julius Caesar competition was held between members of Mentor College’s three sections of Ancient History. Four members of each class had the right to represent their section to compete in academic gladiatorial games against their peers. Section E went on to dominate their fellow legion! Ryan McDowell and Gursharan Sohi were tied at the end of the competition – each earning a laurel wreath to be crown emperor/empress. Hail Caesars!

Honorable mention goes out to the other representatives of their classes: Alex “Maximus” Grunwald, Joanna “Fortunata” Hyatt, Victoria “Invitus” Rich, Julia “Septima” Kim, Rania “Augusta” Hammad, Richard “Rex” Moss, “Charlemagne” Binks-Collier, Harasess “Hercules” Gill, Laura “Athena” Moss, and Chad “Flavius” Rewa.