HDC 2018: Two Student Productions

This afternoon, the Hofmann Drama Collective performed two student written, directed and produced plays. This talented group of students have been working since September to put these shows together and their hard work has paid off; both performances were seamlessly executed! Congratulations to all cast and crew!

An Old Lady’s Handy Guide to Caring
Written, Directed and Produced by Sarah Abernethy

Cast: Sara Belas, Nika Petrosian, Stephanie Abrokwa, Ahad Jassani, Samrddh Bengeri, Daisy Cai, Emily Pandele, Nadia Candler, Christopher Munro, Ben Nunes, Matthew Zhu

The Joys of Living
Written by Julia Xu
Directed and Produced by Julia Xu and Jeanette Wang

Cast: Haaris Kafeel, Olivia Teti, Dominic Sobotka, Allen Hujic, Natasha Thomare, Charlotte Dorey, Stephanie Sui, Felicia Geng, Ivy Han

Kenneth Zacharczyk, Samraddhi Surana

Tech for both shows: Tristan Davies