High School Artists Of The Month: March 2016

mentor-college.artists-high-school-march-2016Stephanie Sherman (Grade 10) Theatre: Stephanie is new to our school this year, as well as the world of acting. This however, has not stopped her from becoming heavily involved in the theatre department. She works very hard on her lines in and outside of rehearsal and she always comes prepared. Most importantly, Stephanie is willing to take risks and truly invest herself when developing a character. Way to go Stephanie!

Donna Nadeem (Grade 11) Yearbook: Donna Nadeem is a photographer for the high school yearbook. She is phenomenal and wildly reliable – we are tremendously grateful to her for all of her contributions this year.

Chu Li (Grade 10) Fashion Show: Chu Li is designing 6 outfits for the upcoming Fashion Show! Her designs last year were fabulous and we can’t wait to see her new creations this year.

Ayesha Mohammedally (Grade 9): Fashion Show: Ayesha is designing 2 outfits for the Fashion Show and we are very excited to see her beautiful creations!

Alex Cutrara (Grade 12) Visual Art: Alex has continued in this his final year of high school art study to experiment and broaden his artistic skill set with particular attention to more conceptual forms. His understanding of the Minimalist and Conceptual art movements and his facility with the tenets of these movements has allowed him to create works that are often serene in their simplicity and elegance. His work recently with Installation Art and research into Feminist art forms has been outstanding.