How do you say “Thank you!” in Inuktitut?

Nunavut-Presentation-1HS teacher Ms. Haney and HS student Rachel Parker visited some Grade 2 students to tell them about their experience in Nunavut. The Grade 2s are learning about communities around the world, and comparing and contrasting life in other parts of the world.

As we reported to you last month, in September, Ms. Haney, Mr. McCallen, and 10 Mentor College HS students went to Nunavut for a week to help build a home in Apex, just outside of Iqaluit, with Habitat for Humanity. Ms. Meyer and Mrs. Clark’s Grade 2s were very interested in the pictures they were shown and loved learning about things such as the different animals in the cold weather, the way the houses are built (on stilts), the small windows in schools to keep cold out, the 3 main languages, the high price of food, the types of vegetation, and the low population.

The students learned about throat singing, a method of communication between mother and baby. Students also played a dice/number game which they will enjoy playing in subsequent mathematics classes! It was great to have presenters from our own school explain their personal experiences about life in another part of Canada. The Grade 2s were inspired by the stories, pictures, and activities presented to them.