HS Habitat Students At The Old Walton

oct22-buildLast Tuesday, several Habitat students traveled to Port Hope to participate in a salvage project at The Old Walton Hotel. At the site, Rahul Bansal, Alex D’Agrosa, Michael El-Koury, Shahnoor Fawad, Andrew Khreich, Jeff Kim, Ajay Rakhraj, Ishan Sharma, Alexander Tolic, Utkarsh Vaishnav, and Leonid Weber had the opportunity to tear, pull, cut, pry, saw and hammer-out all the wood framing located on the two floors of the hotel.

This was an important task as all proceeds from the sale of the wood were to be allocated towards future Habitat initiatives in the region. The team worked tirelessly all day, successfully clearing out the top floor of the building before moving down to the second floor.

Ms. Haney and Mr. McCallen would like to commend the aforementioned students for demonstrating a highly productive work ethic that contributed to a very positive experience.