HS Musicians Go On “Tour”

2016-06-02_13-17-49Last Sunday, musicians from our HS program participated in the Annual Spring Garden Tour, hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society. Our students played a variety of music in the lovely gardens of our neighbours here in Port Credit.

They provided a wonderful ambience for the public and were lauded with many compliments on their performances. The Canadian Cancer Society was extremely grateful, as always, for our involvement.

Thanks to Shadi Bouhajib, Anjuli Deodhare, Karam Girn, Abbas Jaffer, Hasan Khan, Akash and Sagar Kothari, Nathan Magbitang, Andrew Peters, Rebecca Photopoulos, Clay Seepaulsing, Karissa Shieh, Mahesh Vijaykumar and Cathy Wang for sharing their time and talent for a worthy cause. We are already looking forward to next year!