HS Students Exceed National Averages in AP Exams

The AP Program at Mentor College has again produced incredible results, far beyond other participating schools in Ontario and Canada. This is something to be very proud of. This standardized international AP exam program (administered by the U.S. based College Board) is rigorous and based on first-year University curriculum. Those looking for a school comparison based on standardized results must read on.

A score of 4 or 5 on the May AP exam can earn the student a first-year University credit in that subject. 58 Mentor seniors studied AP courses in 2017-2018. 47 earned the equivalent of a University credit. 31 were perfect 5’s!  And studying AP is done above the usual Ontario credit course load. This is quite a feat.

The following is a summary of results, in comparison to Ontario AP schools:

These results are outstanding and are a true reflection of the student caliber and their work ethic. The teachers of these courses are also to be commended for their exemplary classroom methodologies, effectively delivering University curriculum to the AP students. Inspiring excellence!

David Whyte
High School Principal, AP Coordinator