I Didn’t Realize It Took That Long!

The following report was written by Anjana Sudharshan, Menka Belanger, and Kaitlyn Munro.

52ecad06-c04f-4aa4-a231-195249e07601Last Thursday, members of the Grades 5 to 8 Environment Clubs attended a special field trip located at the Peel Regional Integrated Waste Management Facility to learn all about how your old banana peels and glass bottles are treated and decomposed.

We learned a ton of facts about decomposition and were surprised to discover that it takes glass bottles at least one million years to deteriorate! We played games where they learned about proper recycling and waste disposal. Did you know that Tim Horton’s cups cannot be recycled? Overall, the club cannot wait to share what we learned with the rest of the students of Mentor College. Make sure you deal with garbage carefully and properly. It will help the environment!