Inaugural HS Arts Jam

238125ef-2de1-4446-87f6-72a95f30eba8A big congratulations goes out to all artists who participated in last Saturday’s ARTS JAM competition! It was a fun and interesting afternoon filled with all types of art.

Students were asked to form a team of 2 – 4 artists, with each member representing a different art form. With the theme of ‘growth’ in mind and having only 2 days to ‘jam’ these art forms together, all presentations were beautifully executed.

We saw three performances: one based in dance, photography and poetry by Victoria Ross, Mohammad Ali and Tasha Liang; a film made by Simrit Bath, Sylvia Andrade, Nera Hadzikadunic and Josephine Swanson that included music, creative writing and visual art; and a song performed by Aidan Kokorudz on the ukuele with a physical portrayal by Sandra Kralj through visual art/face paint to disguise herself. WOW! There is so much talent in this school!

A special thank-you to all judges: Alison Starkey, Kevin Alexander, Jennifer Chan and Chloe Shamash-McLaughlin.