Intermediate Division Athletic Action

wilkerIntermediate Intramurals: If you were outside during the Intermediate lunch recess, you might have spotted the Zebras helping to officiate Grade 6 intramural soccer. This week, Nicholas Harrington, Thalia Dimakos, Jack Henderson, and Sean Pajak helped out! Great job, Zebras!

Last week, the Grade 5 intramurals concluded. Mr. Dorey’s class narrowly defeated Mr. Thompson’s class for the Grade 5 soccer championship. Noelle Nguyen from Mr. Dorey’s class believes “it was the cheering and signs that put them over the top.” Great job, Grade 5s!

Swim Team: Tryouts for the Intermediate swim team will take place on September 22/29 from 3:30 – 4:30. If your child would like to try out and missed the meeting, please see Ms. Vieira for a permission form.