Intermediate Legal Team Gets Visit From Local Prosecutor

2-lawStudents in the Intermediate Division Mock Trial Club met with a representative from the Ontario Bar Association this past Wednesday.

Lindsay Cader, a local prosecutor has spent two lunch hours volunteering with our group. She helped us polish up our persuasive opening remarks and taught us all a little about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Students got to create their own line of question for eyewitnesses and expert witnesses. Chloe and Catherine both found the questioning of the witness a little stressful. Adena added that once our guest lawyer explained the cross-examination process, the whole trial made more sense. Michael enjoyed crushing the witnesses with his rhetorical genius and Emma the judge said, “Great job” to both sides but the defence stole the show.

Mr. Dorey, Ms. Khan and Ms. Moosa would like to thank Josh our Jury, and most importantly, Ms. Cader for helping us stage such a tremendous Mock Trial.