Is Today Your Lucky Day?

AAA-Probability-CarniavalOn Tuesday, June 7, the students in 6E (Ms. Sarna’s class) conducted a Probability Carnival. Each of us worked in groups of two to create original games of chance that could be played at a carnival or amusement park. No two games were alike, as they all reflected our individual flair.

Games ranged from those with spinners and dice to those that included archery, catapults, tossing or rolling balls, guessing what was under a cup or choosing the correct lollipop from an array. In math class, we calculated the theoretical probability of winning each of our games to see whether they would be considered “fair.” Then, we invited the students of Mr. Dorey and Ms. Elam’s classes to join us for a morning of fun. Afterwards, we calculated our experimental probability and compared it to our original expectations.

Ms. Acorn and Mr. Sheward were very proud of each of the individual groups. They worked hard and came up with some new and creative games. They were also excellent leaders and welcoming hosts who helped the grade five students to play the games and earn lots of prizes!