Kevin Cao & Yash Kothari Top Gauss Contestants!

2-gaussFor a number years now, Mentor Intermediate students have participated in the world-wide Gauss Math Contest. This year, 30 students responded to the challenge and spent one hour trying to solve some really tough math questions. There are two categories, one for Grade 7 and one for Grade 8, but Mr. Fransson also allows Grade 5 and 6 students to participate writing the Grade 7 contest.

Here is a sample of a Grade 7 question:

Angie has a jar that contains 2 red marbles, 2 blue marbles, and no other marbles. She randomly draws 2 marbles from the jar. If the marbles are the same colour, she discards one and puts the other back into the jar. If the marbles are different colours, she discards the red marble and puts the blue marble back into the jar. She repeats this process a total of three times. What is the probability that the remaining marble is red?

Here is a Grade 8 question:

Two 5-digit positive integers are formed using each of the digits from 0 through 9 once. What is the smallest possible positive difference between the two integers?

The top result with a score of 118 points out 150 points possible was Kevin Cao from Mr. Fransson’s class. In the Grade 7 category, the highest score was an impressive 142 points! This means only one question was answered wrong and the student who managed to achieve this was Yash Kothari from Mrs. Jenkins’ class.