Kindergarten Corner

100-day-Koster-005It is hard to believe that the SK children have been in school for 100 days! The boys and girls had fun celebrating by making 100th Day hats, gumball machines, and even necklaces with 100 fruit loops. They finished the day with popcorn and a movie, 101 Dalmatians, of course!

Miss Kane and Ms. Pengelly’s Junior Kindergarten classes enjoyed guessing if the pom pom was hidden ‘dans’ or ‘sous’ the cup. They were able to beat Madame Senese 12 – 3 in one very exciting game. Amaya, in Ms. Leung’s class, had to wriggle her way out from ‘sous’ the chaise as she demonstrated the various prepositions to her classmates. All the classes had a fantastique time playing the many games.