Latin Lecture & Lunch!

a6142abb-efbe-4a97-b932-9f61949e68d4On March 20th, HS Spanish students taking Level visited the The University of Toronto’s Department of Latin American Studies to attend a lecture on the development of the images and conceptions that exist about Latin America.

Professor Rivas of the department explained how the ideas about Latin America, which still exist today, first appeared already with the landing of Columbus and then were further developed and entrenched with subsequent depiction of the new lands and its people. He then focused on more contemporary depictions of South America and the origin of these representations of Latinos, centring his explanations on various American policies.

Professor Rivas stressed the need to exercise critical thinking, looking at the origins and the hidden agendas – which form these “truths”.

Not only were students introduced to concepts and ideas they were not familiar with before, but they also go to enjoy an authentic Mexican lunch offered by the Department of Latin American Studies.