Learning Life’s Leadership Lessons

275The following report was submitted by HS leadership teacher, Mr. Panchal:

5 years of leadership trips to the Outdoor Education Centre have provided some pretty memorable experiences and sights. Last, weekend 22 students, Ms. McConnell and I were lucky enough to have a big beautiful rainbow as the backdrop for our weekly game of capture the flag. A mixture of sun and rain, the rainbow provided an excellent leadership lesson for the students who giggled and smiled as they chased one another around the field.

The sunlight is a sign of the fun and joy that summer brings, of the things we all want to do each and every day. The rain provides hesitation, frustration and limitations to be overcome. The result of combining both however provides something that is unique, beautiful, and worth the time we spend enjoying ourselves and pushing through the difficulties we face.

As leaders, some of our most worthwhile and fulfilling moments occur when we use our passion to guide us through some of the greatest challenges we face. We learn the value of determination and fortitude in achieving our lives’ goals.

This weekend, we had a lot of rain and what gave me the most joy was seeing how positive and enthusiastic each student was when he/she was told, “It’s time to go outside… again!” A big thank you goes out to all the students who attended the trip who made it an easy job to be a teacher by having an excellent attitude. I like to think that over the past 5 years we have given our leadership students the ability to understand what it takes to create their own personal rainbow moments.