Lighting Up Lives At Etobicoke ReStore

P1010247On Monday, 9 members of the Habitat Club spent the day volunteering at the Etobicoke ReStore. Sarah Agnew, Gurman Singh, and Sheel Shah put some elbow grease into cleaning a pile of donated sinks, while Mr. McCallen and Chris McGivern wrestled an oven door back into place.

One of the biggest assignments given to the team was the assembly of numerous donated light fixtures. Ryan McDowell dove in with enthusiasm and quickly had the first light ready for sale. Many team members, including Charles Binks-Collier, Matthew Bogoje, Julia Cappellacci, Joe McDonald, and Miss Spares tackled a complex light fixture that involved a great deal of problem solving.

In the end, a few of the light fixtures were sold and the team was proud to have been apart of raising more funds for this great organization.