March Break In China

chinaHS student Monish Ahluwalia submitted the following report:

“The HS Business trip to China was a once in a lifetime experience for us. We were all immersed in the rich Chinese culture while also learning about International Business. The golden triangle tour took us through China’s top tourist cities: Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai, followed by Hong Kong.

The four days spent in Beijing were busy and included visits to the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, a Cloisonné factory, the Hutongs, and hiking along the Great Wall of China. An overnight train from Beijing to Xi’an was another new experience for many students. While in Xi’an we rode our bikes along 14 kilometers of the old city wall, and visited both the Terracotta Warriors and the 1400 year-old Wild Goose Pagoda.

After a short flight, we landed in the financial city of Shanghai where we spent three days filled with business adventures. We toured two factories: Johnston Controls, which produces industrial batteries, and SoonTrue Machinery Equipment Co. which produces packaging machinery. Following that was a tour of the city, the Suzhou canals, and a silk factory where the entire silk making process was outlined for the students.

Our last stop was Hong Kong where we were the guests of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. We toured Victoria Peak and on our last day, we had fun at Ocean Park, enjoying the rides, wildlife, and a presentation from the park’s marketing department.”