MCBC 2013: Business Leaders Stress Job Satisfaction, Happiness

IMG_7079Last Wednesday, Mentor’s senior business students and additional attendees took part in the annual Mentor College Business Conference. The conference featured premiere business leaders including Rosanne Longo, Gail Richard, Julie Ball, and Bill Banham, as well as a promotional team from Samsung, the event’s title sponsor, which was made up of Mark Childs and Paul Dayco.

Rosanne Longo, the “voice of Longo’s”, informed students about the importance of deriving satisfaction from all facets of one’s work, not just the financial aspect of a certain job through her personal experiences and stories. Similarly, Bill Banham, outlined the importance of balancing one’s personal life and career. He also provided insight into his former roles at Virgin and Sony Entertainment, and Warner Brothers, allowing students to gain a better understanding of the keys to being a successful business executive.

Meanwhile, Gale Richard, the founder of Swim and Sports, discussed the beginnings of her business and provided knowledge and insight into the keys of entrepreneurship and running a business. In addition to this, Julie Ball of Lululemon Athletica discussed happiness in one’s career through finding a company that aligns with your core values, along with her personal journey to becoming a key member of personnel development in the company.

Finally, Mark Childs, the Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Canada, as well as Paul Dayco, a Samsung Training Specialist, previewed some of the new Samsung products and discussed their keys to success and happiness in their work.

The speakers were excellent and the conference left many attendees with new insight into various areas of business. From learning about the life of a top business executive in one of the world’s largest businesses to starting a business from scratch, the 2013 Mentor College Business Conference was an excellent experience for all of the students involved.