MCBC Attendees Seek To Gain The Edge In Business

33385765-28dd-4d0b-bb2f-073d7919d78cLast Wednesday, 300 HS students gathered in O’Brien Hall for the 6th annual MCBC (Mentor College Business Conference). Mentor College was proud to host several excellent speakers who came to discuss this year’s theme: how to “Gain the Edge” in the business world.

The speakers included Chantal Butler, the Vice President of Marketing for Maple Leaf Foods, along with one of her co-workers, the integrated marketing manager, David Alexander. We also heard from Jack Jones the CEO of a startup, Collabinate, as well as a member of the board of directors for this year’s charity, The Prader Willi Foundation. The third guest was Justin Creally, the co-founder of North Strategic, a marketing firm that focuses on marketing through social media. Mr. Creally also happens to be a proud Mentor parent and was able to have his son, Matthew in the audience for his presentation. The final speaker was Nav Bhatia, Canada’s leading car salesman and the Toronto Raptors super fan.

The speakers discussed their careers and how they were able to advance to the high position’s they hold, as well as sharing useful tips on how to build a career. Without planning it all of the speakers stressed the importance of giving back to the community once you succeed.

This year’s MCBC was headed by Ryan McDowell, Rania Hammad, Brendan O’Connell, and Havina Rajeswaran. It would not have been possible without the efforts made by the committee’s staff supervisors, Mrs. Alb and Mr. Lee. While organizing this year’s amazing conference the committee was also able to raise five thousand dollars for the Foundation for Prader Willi Research, by reaching out and gaining the sponsorships of many companies, including the title sponsor, Fidelity Investments.