Medieval Feast Report: by Grade 4 Student Anton Volkau

414On December 4, 2014, all the Grade 4 students from Mentor College and TEAM School participated in a Medieval Feast. It took place in the gymnasium, which was turned into a medieval dining hall. Food was served on pitas, called trenchers, as it would have been done in the medieval times!

The feast started off perfectly calm. Everybody was seated when Lady Clifton called all of the knights to the front of the gym. She dubbed them on their shoulders with a sword, which would have been traditional in those times. Suddenly, there was a loud knock! The gym doors swung open and there stood “T the Terrible”, along with his crew of Vikings! They brought along swords and shields, intending to storm the Primary Castle, but the grade 4s charged them and they were surrounded in 30 seconds! Next came the catapult contest.

Finally, the last game was for all of the serfs and they needed to pin the dot on the king. Then feeling full and very satisfied, the Grade 4s walked back to their classrooms or boarded their horseless coach back to TEAM!

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