Mentor College 2015 Science Fair Winners

f9f1bd4a-a42b-44fc-a315-ed51d7c58ad0Mentor Grades 7/8 science teachers Mrs. Jordan and Miss Narvaez have been working on the Intermediate Division Science Fair for many years now and they are always so impressed by the quality of the work presented! This year is no different. Last week the Grades7 and 8 students let their true Mentor spirit shine as they excitedly presented their projects to the judges, who were impressed by the composure and dedication of all the students in their scientific endeavours.

MTPA-Sponsored Award Winners:

Health Sciences – 1st: (tie) Rebecca Wong, Ahad Jassani. 2nd: (tie) Aidan Melnbardis, Afraz Hammad.3rd: (tie) Jade Rahier, Jennifer Fone.

Environmental Sciences – 1st: (tie) Max Baluta, James McIntosh. 2nd: Quinn Bhatti & Adam Finklestein.3rd: Asad Bilwani & Oliver Keyes-Krysakowski.

Physical Sciences – 1st: (tie) Charlotte Dorey, Noah Fedosoff. 2nd: (tie) Holly Alexson, Donovan Mills.3rd: (tie) Caitlin DeGasperris-Atchison, Gurjog Ghambir.

Social Sciences – 1st: Katie McAvoy & Madison Iovino. 2nd: (tie) Leo Rawlyk, Prianka Murthy. 3rd: (tie) Jared Nanthakumar, Amanda Vertkas.

Mentor College Science Fair Awards:

Biology – 1st: (tie) Cole Sehmi, Damian Hart. 2nd: (tie) Tiffany Wu, Mark Gerlai. 3rd: (tie) Jade Lewis, Connor Reintjes.

Chemistry – 1st: (tie) Irene Ni, Kevin Cao. 2nd: Anna Wang & Rhea Azavedo. 3rd: Ethan Kannampuhza & Aryaman Sharma.

Physics – 1st: (tie) Caleb Chadwick, Nicoletta de Maat. 2nd: (tie) Ryan Molin, Maegha Subramaniam. 3rd: (tie) Ethan Dagnone, Marium Jafri.

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