Mentor College Humanities Symposium: Humanities Matter

208de66f-3a95-41a7-95db-f94ae9114686Congratulations to all the individuals who participated in the first ever Mentor College Humanities Symposium: Humanities Matter, this Tuesday. It was a discussion filled afternoon where participants expressed their views on the future of humanities as well as its relevance in the modern world. Representing various subspecialties including civics, creative writing, history, and world issues, students provided their unique perspectives on the topics given, displaying both their passion and knowledge.

Honourable mentions go out to Nara Monteiro and Julia Cappellacci for their project presentations and exemplary contributions to the group discussion. The winner was Dev Desai who was nominated for his Grade 10 Civics Debate Topic on why youth should be able to vote.

A special thank you to all the judges who donated their time: Dr. Victor. R. Rivas, Ms. Paula Karger, Mr. Justin Young, and Ms. Avneet Dhaliwal.