Mentor College Intermediate Grad 2013

Untitled-2Last Friday, as another school year drew to a close, the Intermediate division held its Grade 8 graduation ceremony in the North/South gym. A total of 135 Grade 8 graduates received numerous awards and accolades. Rhea Jangra received highest academic honours in the College programme while Shannon Harrison received highest academic honours in the Academy Programme.

Cheers and heartfelt applause accompanied the announcements that Matthew DeMerlis and Henna Mun were awarded the Margaret O’Brien Award; Vanessa Vajo received the Leuschner Award; and Justin Pascual received the Patel Memorial Scholarship.

The Class of 2013 was inspired by the valedictory address Charlie Ambler.

The grade 8 teachers are very proud of the academic and social growth of their students as well as the numerous accomplishments they have achieved. We wish them happiness and continued success in high school.