Mentor Grade 10 Art Trip to the AGO

Story by: Laura Gorwill
Photo by: Sophie Treptau

0463352b-7240-4c5d-b137-b64d124bad3cOn a sunny Tuesday morning, Ms. Seymour and Mr. Blackwell’s grade ten art students excitedly boarded the bus. They were headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario, a renowned gallery in the heart of Toronto’s beautiful Downtown Grange Park District. Famous for its extensive collection of Canadian art, it is one of the largest galleries in North America and is home to some of the greatest works by artists such as Emily Carr, Brian Jungen, and more. The students made the most of the opportunity. As grade ten artist James Bury put it, “While at the AGO, we were able to view a variety of wonderful works, which greatly enhanced our appreciation for the different styles and works art and the creativity and skill of their creators.

Once at the gallery, the students were led on a guided tour of Brian Jungen’s work. Jungen, who uses sports equipment as a medium for his unique sculptures, became a new favourite for many. They then proceeded to watch a short film called Reel to Real about life in Afghanistan. Sophie Treptau said, “I found the morning session informative and eye-opening.” After a delicious lunch at the Grange, where students could choose from a variety of delectable menu items, the group was given the chance to explore the gallery on their own. This part was said to be the highlight of the outing for most. Of the afternoon session, Sophie recounts, “It was laidback, interesting, and allowed us to explore the wonders of the gallery based on our own personal tastes.” Tired but happy, the students were ready to make their way back to the bus – but some students were simply unable to resist the temptation to sneak back in for a final glance of their favourite masterpieces.

At the end of the day, the students made some unforgettable memories with their peers that broadened their understanding of the infinite ways one can make a statement with some paint, a brush, and a canvas.