Mentor Mathletes Make Us Proud!

Last week, some of our Intermediate students challenged themselves to write the Caribou Math Contest.

Although many students performed exceptionally well, special congratulations go out to the following students.

Of over 8000 students in Grades 5-6 across the world, Roderick Liao and Chloe Dai placed in the 95th percentile, Akash Kothari in the 93rd percentile, Madiha Jafri in the 90th percentile and Ammar Adam in the 85th percentile.

Of over 7500 Grade 7-8 students, Yash Kothari placed in the 99th percentile. In addition, Tyler Stennett placed in the 91st percentile, Aryan Thomare in the 90th percentile and Eleni Partsalidis and Vikesh Mistry in the 85th percentile.

This is no small accomplishment! Congratulations Mathletes! Our next contest will run on Thursday February 15.