Mentor Mathletes Make Us Proud!

On January 19, over 30 Intermediate Division students challenged themselves to write the International Caribou Math Contest. Thousands of students from across the world participated in the contest!

We are proud of all of our students and wish to acknowledge the following for their exceptional results:

Grades 5/6:
Quintina Liu (top 96th percentile)
Grace Ke (top 93rd percentile)
Gabriel Martinez (top 87th percentile)
Rohan Jain (top 86th percentile)
Vishna Gupta (top 84th percentile)

Grades 7/8:
Curtis An & Anushka Kothari (top 97th percentile)
Sarah Harrington (top 96th percentile)
Clara Ahmed & Aryan Thomare (top 91st percentile)
Eleni Partsalidis (top 86th percentile)
Stephen Pascual (top 82nd percentile)
Vikesh Mistry (top 81st percentile)

Congratulations to all Mentor College contestants for embracing this challenge.
The next contest will take place on Thursday February 16.