Mentor & TEAM Teams At FLL Regionals

421Mentor and TEAM School’s LEGO Robotics teams participated in the FIRST LEGO League Regional Qualifying Tournament on Saturday at Holy Trinity Secondary School.

TEAM School’s team members presented their robot, Baymax 2.0, to scrutinizing engineers. The judges were very impressed with the robot’s unique claw mechanism which employed nine gears to function. Then the team proceeded to another room with another pair of judges to present their innovative solution to a learning problem; a prototype of an electronic abacus which meets the needs of a variety of learning styles to teach multiplication tables. Mrs. Peesker and Ms. Dmetrichuk are very proud of the dedication this team has shown this term.

The Mentor Grades 5/6 team, the Mentor Robo-Techs, consisted of Jensen, Serafettin, Leo, Roy, Victor, Anjana, Karishma, Andrea, and Ian. The Robo-Techs started their day off early in the morning with all three judging sessions back-to-back. For their innovative project, the Robo-Techs developed the idea of anti-bullying software called “Bullyproof”. The judges were so impressed by the idea of Bullyproof, that the team was called back in the afternoon to present their project again. After a long day of competing in the judging rooms and on the robot game field, the Robo-Techs unfortunately did not bring home a top-placing trophy; however, Mr. Sheward and Mrs. Drost were so pleased with how the team came together to represent their school. Well done, Robo-Techs!

Joining the Mentor Robo-techs were The Mentors. This Grades 7/8 team consisted of Caleb, Ethan K, Peter, Kevin, Oliver, Arjun and Ethan D. Though the majority of the afternoon was devoted to competing in matches with their robot, the boys got an opportunity to impress judges in the morning with their project. Identifying a need in their community, as well as populations around the world, members of The Mentors designed the idea for a collaborative program that would see students educating mature adults on various functions of technology such as iPads and Internet browsers. Judges for the project portion of the presentations complimented the boys on identifying a project with great potential benefits. Though they received no callbacks, the boys showed exemplary teamwork during the “Core Values” presentation, and in general, had a lot of fun together. Their coaches, Ms. McNeil and Mr. Fournie, were very proud of their team’s accomplishments.

The girls’ team had three callbacks to see the judges so their hopes for a win in one of the three categories were high. The girls’ project was the area they shone through in the end, winning first prize award for the presentation of their project. Mr. Dorey and Ms Rawlyk were very proud of the teamwork and positive attitude they saw on the faces of all nine teammates. This helped make it a great FLL season. Congratulations girls!