Mentor Teams At PSAA Softball Tournament: U12 Boys Champs!

u14-boys-softballLast week, Mentor softball teams took to the field at Birchwood Park in Clarkson. The U14 boys played well throughout the day finishing with a 2-2 record losing in the semi-final against a very strong Rotherglen team. On the girls’ side of the U14 tournament, Mentor finished with a 2-2 record, also losing in the semi-final. Congratulations on a great day!

The U12 boys’ headed to Birchwood Park on a mission! The goal was to bring home the championship trophy that had not graced the halls of Mentor College for over a decade. After the round-robin, we were undefeated, and galloped into the playoffs. Facing off against Fern Hill in the finals was the toughest game of the day. Fern Hill was unable to score in overtime, and that left the door open for Cameron to scream in from third base on an RBI single by Thomas Knill to win the game! Congratulations boys! Your coaches, Ms. Masterton and Mr. Dorey are very proud of your championship win, but even more proud of your sportsmanlike attitude displayed throughout the day. Congratulations, boys!

Written by Raquelle Martinez and Amy MacLellan: The U12 girls’ team fought hard and showed lots of improvement throughout the day. There were great pitches from Mira and Sarah. Amy knocked everyone off their feet with her out of the park home run. Raquelle helped the team by getting many crucial outs at first base and Anjana demonstrated some great back catching skills. All the girls showed lots of effort and always cheered their teammates on. Coach Cipriano and Coach Vieira were extremely proud of the team and would like to thank them for such a great day!