Ms. Walmark & The Worm Unit

photoAs HS teacher Ms. Walmark said recently, “I was so excited to hear my name read on CBC radio by Stuart McLean”. And that he did before announcing he was going to read the next short story titled The Worm Unit submitted by Karyn Walmark of Mississauga. This happened on a few occasions. We are guessing the audience enjoyed the reading!

Stories submitted to the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio can sometimes be published in a book The Story Exchange and Ms. Walmark’s story was subsequently published and can also be found as a podcast. She was also excited when a copy of the book arrived for her in the mail. Stories submitted must be true and short. The Worm Unit is just that. It is short, true, and humorous.

Ms. Walmark who teaches senior English courses in the High School Division should be proud of this feat and perhaps we can anticipate more public airings and publications in the future!