Nadia & Stephanie Lead Tennis Team at Rexall

imageOn Sept 23, the HS junior and senior tennis team travelled to the Rexall Center at York University for the annual invitational doubles tournament. For some, it was their first tennis tournament, for others, it was a chance to hone their skills or team up with a new doubles partner. There was plenty of action as the day progressed, and as always, the Mentor team rose to meet the competition.

Many of the boys’ doubles teams were able to win their sets, but it was the girls’ teams who made it to the finals this year. Teaming up to make an unstoppable junior doubles pair were Nadia and Stephanie. These two were plenty of laughs on the sideline, but they were all business on the court as they raced through the competition to easily take a first place medal! The senior girls on the other hand, battled for every point through their final.

With Kiana and Mirabella trading off pairing with Kirsten throughout the tournament, the girls were able to come away with a very exciting win in a tiebreak to also take first place in the tournament. Well done girls! Starting the season on such a positive note bodes well for this year in Mentor tennis. With likely the strongest overall team in recent years, coaches and players are looking forward to the ROPSSAA qualifiers at the beginning of October.