Patience Stars

dec6-patienceWhile patience can be difficult to practice at this time of year, the Primary Campus is thrilled that students have worked so hard to show it! Students were patient while waiting for toys or school supplies. They also patiently waited for their turn to speak (which can be very difficult when you’re 6 years old!).

In JK, Ellen has been learning to be patient and was even overheard saying “I didn’t get a turn today but that’s okay; maybe I will get a turn tomorrow!” Way to go Ellen! In SK, Evan gives his friends a chance to finish telling their ideas and never interrupts anyone! And Jaisal does not push in line to be first, choosing instead to wait his turn to go. Sanyog, in Grade 1, lets his friends have turns before him and Amina is patient with her friends and teacher inside the classroom. Nathan is a wonderful example of exceptional patience, according to his teacher, Mrs. BondClegg. Radhika patiently waits for her turn to talk to the teacher when she has a question, instead of interrupting another student’s time. In Grade 3, Evan is patient with his work and the time it takes to make it his best. Austin gives others the turn to speak before sharing his ideas.

In Grade 4, Evelyn nominated Kaitlyn because ” because she is always patient with me. She lets me babble on when I really need someone to talk to.”. Anushka, in Mrs. Clifton’s class was nominated for reasons including “she always waits her turn on the monkey bars, and she lets other kids go before her, too.”

Congratulations to the following Patience Stars: Hamza, Evan, Amina, Rakhika, Sophie, and Jacob

Stay tuned for next month’s Star Character Quality: Compassion.