Peacemaking & Diplomacy in MUNtreal!

13-11-2013-1-36-14-PMLast weekend, the HS Model United Nations team attended SSUNS in Montréal, with Mentor Alumni Anirudh Desai and Katrina Kairys students (currently studies at McGill University) working in support of the conference.

All delegates greatly enjoyed their respective committee sessions and every delegate eagerly spoke in committee. Sashka Avanyan and Arisha Osmani won the Trudeau Award (Diplomatic Finesse) in their respective committees; Imaan Virani won the Pearson Award (Peacemaking), Mustafa Bengali won the Book Award (Spirit of the UN); and Venessa Sectakof received the honourable mention within her committee.

The students would like to sincerely thank Mrs. Moosa and Mr. Shapcott for accompanying us on the trip. All the delegates look forward to the next conference.