Physics Students Earn Top Scores

Senior science students participated in a pair of science contests in May: the University of Waterloo Sir Isaac Newton Contest (Grade 12) and the University of Toronto Ontario Association of Physics Teachers Contest (Grade 11). The results are in and Mentor students have earned top marks ranking among the best in Canada at both the Grade 11 and 12 levels. Six students scored in the top 10% of all contestants!

Charlie Li: 96th percentile, Sir Isaac Newton
Litao Zhou: 94th percentile, OAPT
Stephanie Sui: 93rd percentile, OAPT
Bart Cui: 92nd percentile, OAPT
Neeraj Ahluwalia: 91st percentile, Sir Isaac Newton
Jason Zhou: 91st percentile, Sir Isaac Newton Contest

Congratulations to all of them and all of the other contestants for using their genuine talent for physics to exceed the expectations set by  the curriculum and challenge themselves in these competitions!