Primary Teams Join Tigers @ Annual TEAM Tournament

team-soccerLast Thursday, TEAM School hosted the annual U10 all-star soccer tournament! The weather was ideal and the athletes participating improved with each passing moment. It was a wonderful sight to see so many enthusiastic young boys and girls running and laughing and playing together displaying team work and sportsmanship.

The TEAM Tigers were furious on the field. In net was Aiden, who rolled around grabbing shots from the left and right. Defenders Omogbai and Quinton took the job seriously and sent the ball up the field to midfielders Mercedes, Ilianna, Connal, and Nicole. These tough midfielders passed the ball high and long to the forwards Ryan, John, Ahmed, Anthony, and Matthew. With a little fancy foot work Ryan was able to score a couple of goals. Cole managed to slip a nice one by the Mentor College Goalie in the last game and Ahmed was a great leader on the field and kept everyone’s spirits up. Miss Sweeney is so proud of this team and looks forward to coaching them during the hockey season.

Congratulations to both Mentor Primary soccer teams for their excellent performance! All students displayed great sportsmanship, skill, and determination. The blue team was led by the tenacious play of Alexander Kambourov while the green team was anchored by the excellent goaltending of Mark Lishman. Mr. Nasser, Ms. Arango, and Mrs. Van Walleghem would like to thank all the players for their hard work and dedication this season.

Thank you to our high school students, Kirk, Harman, and Alex for refereeing all the games!

Quotes of the day:

“Sometimes I forgot to play my position, but I was so into it I just chased the ball wherever it went!”

“I had so much fun…the snacks were great!”