Smart, Brave, & Creative Thinkers

DSC03770Last Saturday, three HS students participated in the first Humanities Fair for Secondary School Students at the University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute.

Students from various schools presented their creative projects about a variety of topics as they delved into questions regarding the ability to truly communicate, interpretations of text, our understanding of life. These presentations included songs, a mass, poetry, dissertations, social media and visual arts.

We are all very proud of Simrit Bath, Josephine Swanson and Sanaa Jain who – along with Ms. Lessing – represented the school. Simrit and Josephine presented a photographic piece considering the multiplicity of interpretation and understanding, and Sanaa presented a poem on the power, deficiencies and significance of words.

Kim Yates, the Associate Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute, commented that the students were “really wonderful, and it was a deeply moving experience to watch those smart, brave, creative thinkers bringing their ideas out in public.”

It was indeed brave for these students to agree to add to their regular workload and to present their assignments to a jury of graduate and undergraduate university students.