Spreading Kindness Through A Sea Of Pink

pinkLast Wednesday, as a celebration of the differences in each of our personalities, Mentor/TEAM celebrated its annual Pink Day! Led by the Intermediate Grade 8 Initiative Club and the HS Outreach Club, Pink Day was originally established as a way to stand up against bullying, but Mentor/TEAM students have decided that Pink Day should be more – it has also become a way for students to demonstrate the importance of kindness towards one another.

This year, Mentor Grade 8 Kindness Ambassadors, along with the rest of the division, had the opportunity to demonstrate their “pink-ness” by wearing pink shirts, ties, scarves, and other accessories to support our cause. As always, the Mentor/TEAM community came together and Pink Day created a sea of pink!

TEAM student Jon Alikakos thought that “It was a good way to allow students to stand up for something and realize that bullying is a choice people make, just like we made the choice to stand up against it.” Olivia Alsop added her thoughts by saying that, “Pink Day was fun and very important because we were able to show respect to those involved and also understand how serious bullying is.”

Thanks all the students and teachers who made this amazing day a success, and we remind our community that while Pink Day may happen just once a year, kindness can be spread year-round!