Student Life

student-lifeWhether it is scoring a goal in floor hockey, walking down the runway for charity, or helping to build homes and schools in Kenya, students of all levels are encouraged to take an active role in their choice of the wide variety of extra-curricular activities and programmes offered at Mentor College. Activities include academic clubs, athletics, visual, musical and dramatic arts, language clubs, outdoor studies groups, and computer clubs.

Annual school-wide events like Speech Night, Fashion Show, and the Celebration of Cultural Diversity provide leadership and mentoring opportunities as students across all divisions of the school take part.

Involvement in intramural and inter-school athletics nurture students’ physical education while local and international trips provide our students with opportunities for unique learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Mentor College offers a wide variety of specialty camps and summer school programmes after the final bell rings in June. Many camps also operate during the winter holiday and March break!