tripsField Trips: JK – Grade 4

Mentor students in JK to Grade 4 keep busy inside the classroom as well as outside of the class. Always a source of fun and inspiration, field trips allow young students to learn through hands-on experience. Trips to the Kortright Centre, Downey Farm, McMichael’s Gallery, and other destinations supplement and enhance the learning
that takes place in the classroom while preparing the children for extended trips that begin in Grade 5. All trips within the GTA are included in the cost of the annual tuition.

Field Trips: Grades 5 to 8

Field trips are an enjoyable part of the curriculum. Mentor College makes use of the many excellent learning resources in the Toronto region, such as day trips to conservation areas, Harbourfront, museums, the Ontario Science Centre, the Art Gallery of Ontario. Theatre experiences broaden and enhance the curriculum, and we enjoy in-house presentations from groups like the Kanata Dance group and Dufflebag Theatre, as well as traveling to the Oakville Centre for the Arts, Stratford Festival, Shaw Festival and the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People. All field trips within the GTA are included in the tuition costs.

Students from Grade 5 to 8 are provided with opportunities to participate in extended trips, including overnight trips to the Mentor College Outdoor Education Centre in Muskoka as well as supervised trips to Canadian and international destinations.

Grade 8 Grads

Our Grade 8 graduates at both Mentor College and TEAM School enjoy a week-long trip near the end of the school year! In recent years, the Grade 8s have traveled to New York City, Boston, and Chicago. The group is gone from Monday to Friday.

trips2High School Trips

Students in the High School Division are provided with opportunities to participate in extended excursions. These include supervised trips to Canadian and international destinations. In recent years students in various grades have traveled to New Zealand, Europe, Cuba, and Japan. These trips combine recreational activities and unique opportunities to learn more about the world around us.


For the past several years, groups of dedicated students and teachers have gone on trips to less-fortunate areas of the world. The trips allow students not only to take educational side trips and to sight-see, but half of the trip is spent working and living in a local community:

Kenya, India: Free The Children
Ecuador: Adopt-A-Village project
Zambia, Nepal, Iqaluit: Building homes and schools
Cambodia: Delivering much-needed funds for landmine relief


Every two years or so, the music programme combines forces with one of our school sports teams to take a tour. In the past several years, trips have included Spain (soccer), (New Zealand (rugby), Ireland (rugby), and Cuba (volleyball/wrestling) – to name a few.

High School Art

Our HS art department and an excited group of high school visual arts students have been fortunate enough to jet off to Europe to study the early masters of art, architecture and sculpture. Paris, Rome, Greece, and Venice have been the most recent destinations.

High School History/English

In the past several years, students have trekked through Belgium, France, Germany, and Iceland as they visit historical sites on the school’s Battlefields of Europe trip.

High School Science

In March 2014, a group traveled South Africa to participate in a global research and conservation programme. This form of ecotourism aims to educate volunteers about conservation issues, introduce them to field study practices and use the data they collect to add to ongoing research projects.

trips3High School International Business

High School students have had the opportunity to travel to Japan and to China on separate trips – visiting important centres of international business, as well as seeing the historical and cultural sights of these two countries!