Students Who CARE

About a year ago, three Grade 11 students proposed a new club, in which students who love animals could learn about animal issues, and help animals in need. They called this club “CARE” – Club for Animal Respect and Education. The club had a great year, in which they raised money for the Etoboicoke Humane Society and collected supplies for dogs in need, and learned about animals in captivity.

The culminating event was a visit from Soper Creek Animal Rescue. This organization takes in wounded animals and cares for them on their 15-acre property near Tyrone, Ontario. Yesterday, the group met a skunk, a porcupine, a very large bunny (a chincilla bunny that was an abandoned pet), a fox, and an opossum! They heard about the need for rescue sites like this, the pros and cons to hunting and trapping, and some real-life applications of ecology.

We will miss our Grade 12s, and we congratulate them on their vision for this new club! CARE members have already started planning out some events for the fall. So, if you are looking for a fun extra-curricular activity for next year, join the club’s Edsby group, and come on out and have some fun!