Tech Talk: Shared Classroom Devices Vs. 1:1

2015-05-29_13-28-36The subject of the increased use of technology in the classroom is a popular topic of conversation among students, parents, and the media these days. Many people advocate in favour of a 1:1 technology program, where each student has his/her own personal device all of the time. While that works for some students in some environments, Mentor College/TEAM School has a shared device program instead.

A recent study found that for younger students, our shared philosophy can translate into better learning for our students. This study concluded that when younger children share an iPad in school it creates an environment for social interactions and discussions that are enhanced and encouraged by the technology. These interactions and discussions do not happen when the technology is not present or when every student has his or her individual device to use.

Mentor Technology Resource Teacher Mr. Sheward works with teachers and students to help integrate technology into our classrooms. As Mr. Sheward puts it, ” Embracing technology where it is appropriate and where it enhances student learning and engagement is the path to ensuring the future success of our students.”