That’s Over 2$ a Bottle!

nunavutRecently, students in Ms. Meyer and Mrs. Clark’s Grade 2 classes were lucky enough to have HS teacher Ms. Haney and Grade 12 student, Julia Cappellacci visit their class. Ms. Haney and Julia spoke about their experience volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Nunavut last September 2013 (Mentor College has worked locally and internationally with Habitat for Humanity since 2006).

The Grade 2s are studying Canada and its relation to the world and will later study Inuit people. The students were interested to hear that people in Nunavut must have a lot of their food flown in and could not believe that a 35-pack of bottled water was over $80!

The students loved seeing the shape of the buildings, comparing the school in Iqaluit to the shape of a keyboard. The Grade 2s also learned how to throat sing and played some of the games children in the north play.