The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day…

sep28-prim…and the Primary students were ecstatic about it! On Tuesday, the Grade 3s and 4s were lucky enough to see a special rendition of Sergei Prokofiev’s, Peter and the Wolf, the musical children’s tale, narrated by none other than Fred Penner!

The students enjoyed the animated story-telling performance and lesson on the different musical instruments. They learned that, in this version, the trombone represented the wolf, the double bass was Peter’s grandmother, the flute was Peter and the songbird, the clarinet was the cat, and finally, the soprano saxophone let us get right into the world of the waddling duck.

In this new re-telling, written by Ruth Hannigan, the songbird and the duck must learn to respect each other for their unique talents, and the wolf does not eat the duck in the end. Mentor Primary students were very pleased to experience the world premiere of this performance by lovable Fred Penner and musicians!