The Leaders for Change Water Walk Challenge

2016-06-02_12-58-14 copyOn Tuesday May 25, the Intermediate division’s Leaders for Change members completed a water walk. Students met at lunch to walk down to the lake to collect water in buckets; these heavy buckets of water were then carried back to the school. The objective was to teach students how challenging it is for people in developing countries to travel to collect water every day.

Several LFC students commented on the powerful learning experience. Laura Cappellacci said, “The water walk showed me how easy it could be to give up quickly, but in places where this is their only way to collect water, they don’t have a choice to just give up.” Likewise, the walk made Sejal Jain realize that water is a necessity; she stated, “The LFC water walk was definitely an experience. It was interesting to get the water from the lake and carry it back. I can now understand how others in different countries get water every day. I can also understand how they feel as the water is so little but yet so heavy. It was an eye opening experience.”

Simran Jolly said, “Every drop of effort creates an ocean of change. The water walk on May 25 was a huge success. Many Leaders for Change members walked to Lake Ontario during lunch. We got to understand the feeling of carrying large, heavy buckets of water as children in other countries must do. Although we got very wet and it was difficult, it was an amazing experience. Finally, Anjali Chande commented, “The water walk helped us realize what some children in Africa go through every day. We found it difficult to walk such a small distance not holding that much water. Now I know to never take advantage or waste water that comes out of our taps so easily.”

LFC teachers are proud of these students for accepting the water walk challenge, and we are thankful for each students’ effort to make our first water walk a successful and meaningful learning experience.