The Primary Play Was So Sweet!

12-06-2013-12-43-12-PMThe Primary Campus made life a little sweeter last Wednesday and Thursday as they proudly presented the musical Willy Wonka Kids. With a cast and crew of nearly 70 students, the production had a decidedly golden glow. The Pit Band was in perfect pitch and the chorus sang with sugar-high strength. The dancers dazzled with their fancy footwork, including an all-boys hip hop number for the first (but definitely not the last!) time in Primary Campus musical history.

The set and prop design kids saw their hours of painting and paper-mache create the magical world of Willy Wonka and his incredible candy factory. The cast was outstanding as they made us laugh and smile and shake our heads at their well-performed antics. The stage crew kept the sets, props and students moving as smoothly as a chocolate river.

The costumes and make up brought all the characters to life, from people to Oompa Loompas to squirrels! The JKs showed why they’re so sweet as they opened the show with an adorably delicious song. The Primary Campus is very proud of all the students for their hard work and the families for coming out to support their candy-filled kids. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Watch highlights from the show!