The World Is Shaped By The Laws Of Nature: David Suzuki

On Tuesday, Grades 8-12 Mentor/TEAM students and staff spent part of their morning listening to a lecture by science broadcaster and environmental activist, David Suzuki. Parents and guests were also in attendance as Dr. Suzuki outlined – with great passion – his view that we must curb our over-consumption or else face tremendous environmental catastrophe.

Clearly, students felt empowered when Dr. Suzuki told them they had “every right to question the decisions of current policy-makers” even though many of them are not yet of voting age. He stressed their right to do so because today’s young people are the greatest stake-holders in the future impact of today’s environmental policies.

Dr. Suzuki did leave off on a hopeful note as he offered two signs of a paradigm shift that we must embrace and help to create in hope for a better future. First was the example of the nation of Bhutan and its policy of “Gross National Happiness” as opposed to Gross National Product as a measure of quality of life in more holistic terms. Secondly, Dr. Suzuki told the audience about how environmental and business leaders in Japan are working together to seriously rethink the country’s views on energy in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster.

Thank you very much to everybody who donated to the David Suzuki Foundation! Over $1200 was collected.

David Suzuki was the latest guest speaker in the Mentor/TEAM Speaker Series.