These Students Headed The Right Direction!

420Mr. Carruthers, Ms. Lessing, and Ms. Zorec would like to thank the many HS Outreach student volunteers who successfully staged a BBQ for The Compass Food Bank last week. This was not only the first event of the year for Outreach, but also the first BBQ in support of The Compass, as well as our first partnership with Mentor’s own BBQ Club.

Feeding approximately 60 people, students served delicious burgers, sausages, various salads, drinks, fruits, and dessert. The servers were gracious and friendly and all diners commented on the high quality of service. Thank you to all of the students who prepared the various foods and brought them into the school, even though they would not be attending the event.

Also, a special “thank you” goes out to Mr. Smith and his BBQ boys, Kuba and Ryan who did all the grilling. It has been a great start to the year for Outreach as we have seen huge numbers at our meetings and tons of new faces. Students will next be preparing for our annual Compass Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks.