This Is Confidential…The Show Was Great!

Grade 10 Mentor student Henna Mun submitted the following report:

On April 10, a group of Mentor and TSS students went on a Theatre Goers trip. We went to Victoria Chapel in Toronto to watch “The Confidential Musical”. It is called “The Confidential Musical ” because the audience shows up not knowing what musical they are going to watch. The professional performers are cast from YouTube and they have to practice their role on their own because there is no rehearsal process. They meet the rest of the cast an hour before the show for the first time! The show that they performed was “Jekyll and Hyde, The Musical”. All of the performances were so spectacular! Ironically, the mistakes that they made added to the show.

I had such a great time and was so entertained. I am very impressed that these performers had the courage to perform in this way. Special thanks to Ms. Wilkinson, Mr. Hoare and Ms. Snowdon for taking us!