3D Creations By Kashun

IMG_5815Grade 12 Mentor student Kashun Cho has been using technology to explore his passion in art! By bringing together technology and art, Kashun is able to see his digital renderings come to life! Kashun imagines and designs his work on a computer and then – through the use of a 3D printer – he is able to see, touch, and feel his creations!

Why do you like to include technology in your creative process?

There is a sense of convenience and control by using a computer program that completely contrasts with the handmade nature of traditional art production. It gives me a sense of confidence that I do not have with my other visual techniques like drawing and painting.

Had you ever used a 3D printer before? How was the experience?

No, never! It was interesting but a challenge to draw on the computer. The experience was a combination of programming and thinking two dimensionally but trying to imagine that your end product will be a three dimensional object.

As a Grade 12 student, what future plans do you have?

I plan to finish my high school here at Mentor and then return to Japan to study architecture at the post-secondary level.

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