To Save Or Not To Save

may22-rbc“If someone gave you a hundred dollars, what would you buy with it?”

This was one of the many questions posed to Grade 9 Mentor/TSS business students last Thursday by local Royal Bank of Canada branch managers, Catherine and Andrea.

A few admitted they’d rush out to buy something on their wish list, while others opted to save it. Catherine had some students thinking like millionaires as she discussed the difference between saving and investing. Andrea approached the topic of credit and had our Grade 9s contemplating whether to save up for their first car or obtain a bank loan.

At then end of the presentation, all students were given a ballot. If they could answer the questions from the presentation correctly, they would be entered into a contest to win one of RBC’s Olympic athlete hockey jerseys.

The presentation’s lucky winner was Ahmed Al-Janabi. Congratulations, Ahmed!